My Termination 3 Month Anniversary – Beyond Money…For Now

That feeling of peace, when you can say to yourself, “Hey, I got this.”

Something pretty unexpected happened during the third month of my unemployment. Amazingly, my anxieties and stress about money, which were always in the background ready to jump to the fore, faded to a quiet murmur. I started to become beyond money.

At least for now.

And when I say beyond money, I mean that money no longer engenders in me the negative emotions as it did in the past. Instead, it allows me to conceive and achieve my goals.

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My Own Why of FI: Gym Epiphany

Wish I were as buff as this guy now! (Image used under license from

I went to the gym recently, the first time in roughly 12 months. I had taken a break from my expensive, high end gym in New York City in order to reduce a high recurring expense. But then I cancelled it because my job at that time had become really stressful, and I didn’t have time for consistent gym work out sessions. Big mistake.

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A Long Overdue Breakup – How I Got Laid Off From My Job

An unexpected termination!

My lay off from my job really was like a long overdue breakup with a significant other. Each side knows the right thing to do but doesn’t want to be the first to pull the trigger.

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